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How many knives are included with the Miracle Blade® World Class Professional Series?
You receive a 13-piece knife set: the Miracle Blade® slicer, Rock 'n Chef, carving knife, filet and boning knife, Chop 'n Scoop, paring knife, cheese knife, kitchen shears and four steak and utility knives. As a bonus for ordering, you will receive a second Miracle Blade® slicer, totaling 13 pieces.

What is the purpose of the quick-release Granton edge on the Rock 'n Chef?
The squared scallops create air pockets that let you cut meats and vegetables more easily by helping food separate from the blade—foods won't stick.

What is the purpose of the "Cheese" holes on the cheese knife?
The holes shaped like the word "cheese" help prevent cheese from sticking to the knife, making it a breeze to cut through soft and sticky cheeses.

How many steak knives are included free with the purchase of a Miracle Blade® World Class block?
Included are 4 steak knives.

Is there a 30-day money-back guarantee on the knives?
Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee (less shipping and processing).

How do I care for my Miracle Blade® World Class knives?
We recommend that you hand wash the knives.

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Each Miracle Blade World Class Knive Set includes two world famous Miracle Blade Slicers, our exceptional new Chef Knife, a Carving Knife, four quality Steak Knives and amazing others for a total of 13 World Class knives, all for just $39.95 plus $14.95 shipping and processing. PLUS, as a special offer, we will give you a Free 13-piece knife set for just an additional $14.95 S&P. Also, you have a lifetime warranty, plus 30-day no-risk money back guarantee!

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